How To Earn Money?

  1. Earn money by play games
    1. Register account
    2. Play games
    3. Receive money
  2. Earn money by refer new members
    1. Get the referral link
    2. Refer new members using your referral link
    3. Get 5% of amount your referral members earn (even the member bonuses you refer get you also get 5% from there)
  3. Receive bonus
    1. Play games
    2. Once eligible, you will be able to receive bonus
    3. The bonus is not fixed (can be increased or decreased or equal $0), you can increase the amount of the bonus you can get by:
      • Share (if you shared, let us know here)
      • Active regularly
      • Refer new members
      • ...
  4. Earn money by share your game link
    1. Choose games that you find interesting
    2. Get the games link
    3. Share the link for everyone, get money for every play on your link
    4. See statistics here
    5. The amount of money you make more or less depends on the quality of your players

Play games, have fun, earn money!